‘Grandma’s Pantry’: Family Fulfills Broken Arrow Woman’s Dream To Build Blessing Box

‘Grandma’s Pantry’: Family Fulfills Broken Arrow Woman’s Dream To Build Blessing Box

The family of a longtime Broken Arrow High School clerk is honoring her legacy with a blessings box. The box was built to fulfill a dream, she didn't have time to make a reality. 

Standing under the shade of trees, near a road in Broken Arrow is a piece of Debbie Hill’s legacy.

“She was so generous with her time and with her resources. She wanted everyone to feel special. She was the proudest grandma that ever was,” said Stacie Fuentes, Hill’s daughter. 

Hill worked for Broken Arrow Public Schools for 10 years.

"My nana was very generous and helpful, and she would always give us four goodbyes," said six-year-old Selah Fuentes, Hill’s granddaughter. 

"She loved making every day special and it was so good to have her as a Nana," said nine-year-old Addie Fuentes, Hill’s granddaughter. 

She traveled to Guthrie with her husband and saw her first blessings box.

“My mom told my dad, when I retire, I want to build a blessing box just like that,” said Stacie. 

She retired June 30, took her family to the beach for vacation in July, but didn’t come home.

“There were these treacherous stairs that she walked down and fell unexpectedly, she was a healthy woman, she hit her head, stayed in the ICU for a week fighting but wasn’t able to make it,” said Stacie. 

The family remembered Hill’s Blessing Box dream. Her husband built one in a way she would’ve loved.

"We used my mom’s handwriting for the sign that said Grandma’s Pantry,” said Stacie. 

There is not just food here, there are toiletries, a place for kids' birthday cakes and presents, gifts cards to the grocery store. They thought of it all, like Hills always did.

The community has been so generous, they don’t even need help filling up the pantry. Now, they need families who need food.

“My mom worked for Broken Arrow schools, and she knew that there were kids who were coming to school hungry,” Stacie said. “We set up this box for families who might have a need arise short term, they are not a family who is going to apply for government assistance. If you can’t afford it that day and a birthday is coming up, come by Grandma’s Pantry!”

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