Tulsa Police Arrest Man In Connection To Shooting Death Of Carjacking Suspect

Tulsa Police Arrest Man In Connection To Shooting Death Of Carjacking Suspect

Breaking News Update 6/23/22 1:40 p.m.

Tulsa Police say an arrest warrant for First Degree Manslaughter has been issued for 27-year-old Anthony Marquone Allen in connection to the shooting and killing of Desmond Cousino on Sunday, June 19.

According to police, even though Cousino was attempting to carjack Allen, investigators have determined that Cousino was fleeing from Allen when he was shot.

Police say Allen was arrested on the warrant.

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Tulsa Police are investigating a homicide after a man died when officers said he tried carjacking someone who had just done a favor for him.

The shooting happened near Highway 412 and North Gilcrease Museum Road on Sunday.

Tulsa Police said Desmond Cousino asked a man to hide his gun, then things escalated when Cousino tried to use that gun to carjack the man who had just helped him.

"They just sort of knew each other. It was mostly Mr. Cousino trying to avoid the police that led to this,” Lt. Brandon Watkins said.

Lt. Watkins said the two men left another area where police were, and planned to meet at the QuikTrip at Highway 412 and Gilcrease Museum Road, so Cousino could get his gun back.

"Mr. Cousino hid his gun in the car belonging to the carjacking victim,” Lt. Watkins said. “When they met, the carjacking victim gave back the gun, and Mr. Cousino decided to use that gun to carjack him."

Police said the two men got in a fist fight in the car, where Cousino lost control of the gun.

The carjacking victim then shot and killed Cousino, police said.

Police got the 911 call from the shooter around 4:00 a.m.

TPD is not releasing the shooter's name at this time. He was released after questioning.

"Well, I come here at 4:00 in the morning like every Friday and Saturday night after I’m done driving,” Rideshare driver Tyler Lamproe said.

Lamproe said he lives nearby, and fills up at that QuikTrip often.

"I had no idea about it til I woke up the next morning,” he said. “Now it makes me think twice about things."

Records show Cousino has a long criminal history and was sentenced to 10 years in 2016 for drug and gun charges.

He served less than four years and was released in 2020.

Police said an innocent woman was also shot in the foot by a stray bullet.

Officers said there were several witnesses and they have surveillance video that captured the shooting.

Police said the shooter did everything correctly after the shooting.

They said he called 911, turned himself in and is cooperating with police.

It will be up to the District Attorney to decide if any charges are filed.