Tulsa Man Accused Of Attacking, Strangling Ex-Girlfriend

Tulsa Man Accused Of Attacking, Strangling Ex-Girlfriend

A Tulsa man is behind bars accused of beating his pregnant ex-girlfriend in two separate instances and slapping her three-year-old child when she tried to help her mom. 

Tulsa police say Delon Taylor faces several charges tonight including kidnapping, domestic assault and battery by strangulation, and child abuse. 

"These cycles of violence that we typically see with domestic violence victims, can be very hard to escape, this is a good example of that where we have three incidents that all occur within a few weeks," said Sgt. David Ledezma. 

Police say the victim told investigators on June 1st Taylor pointed a gun at her, threatening to kill her, her child, and her grandmother. Police say the victim didn't call police until June 8th, when she told officers her ex-boyfriend had been sending her threatening text messages. 

That same day, the victim says Taylor came by her apartment, again with a gun and threatened to kill her. More than a month later, on July 22nd police were called to a Tulsa hotel for a domestic disturbance. The victim told officers she invited Taylor to swim, but once they got back to her room, Taylor got angry looking through the victim's phone. 

Police say he slapped her about six times, began punching her in the head and the face, and put her in a chokehold. She says when her child tried to get Taylor to stop, he slapped the child and started punching her again. 

The victim tells police he hit her at least 20 times. Police say while they were investigating that case, eight days later the victim was attacked again. She says she woke up to Taylor hitting her while staying at a different hotel. 

Police say Taylor was able to get a key from the front desk, without her permission, pulled the victim out of bed, and hit and pushed her until two men came to the door after hearing her scream for help. 

"Luckily by them coming and just seeing what was going on, it kind of gave her an avenue of being able to get away from that situation," Ledezma said. 

Police say the victim and her child are now safe, and Taylor was taken into custody on August 4th. 

"As you can imagine, it's a pretty traumatic few weeks that they have gone through, they're okay now, they are safe, it would be somewhat of a relief that the suspect is now in custody," Ledezma said. 

Police say the victim did suffer a miscarriage on July 29th. Police say right now they do not know if that was caused by the assault or a medical condition unrelated to Taylor.