Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association Creates Amazon List Of School Supplies

Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association Creates Amazon List Of School Supplies

Students will soon be headed back to school and teachers are turning to Amazon and Facebook for help getting supplies.

You may have seen the posts of wish lists full of what teachers need to start the year.

Educators said because of smaller budgets and higher costs, contributing now is more important than ever.

Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association President Shawna Mott-Wright said dwindling teacher budgets and rising inflation means teachers are reaching into their own pockets to gather what they need.

"The need is great, and our kids are worth it, and so we're just trying to do any and everything we can do," she said. "Our kids are coming to us with more needs and fewer resources than before."

Teachers have always posted online wish lists for parents and generous donors to help out. But because the need is so great this year, for the first time the TCTA has created an amazon wish list of its own to give to teachers.

"We appreciate all of it. I have never met a teacher who said, 'Oh I only got this one thing on my list.' Usually it's, 'I got this thing on my list, I'm so excited!' And so we're so grateful for any and every bit of help we can get," Mott-Wright said.

Curator of the Skiatook Arts Center and Art Teacher at Montessori Academy of Owasso Lauren McKuin has felt the worry some teachers feel preparing for a school year with not enough resources.

"We all need help, we all need a hand, and why not pull together as a community," McKuin said.

She's not just sharing lists fellow teachers are posting -- she's using her role at the arts center to give back.

“Trying to donate proceeds from our art shows to give back to the school system," she said. “Figuring out how many teachers we can help and how many items we can get per teacher and things like that. We’re trying to make sure that we do our part as well, not just sharing the information," she said.

The Skiatook Art Center is having a show Saturday night, with the proceeds going to benefit teachers.