Tulsa SPCA Looking For Home For Special-Needs Dog In Wheelchair

Tulsa SPCA Looking For Home For Special-Needs Dog In Wheelchair

Tulsa SPCA said a special-needs dog is in urgent need of a new loving home.

The organization said the dog uses a wheelchair and did have an adopted family until they recently could no longer care for him.

Staff said Hercules is special not just because of his paralysis. The pit bull mix has a zest for life despite some challenges.

In December 2021, Hercules was abandoned at two months old. Someone found the pup and took him to Tulsa SPCA.

Lauren Holder with the SPCA remembers Hercules' health.

“His back legs were completely paralyzed, and he had some scarring on his back, so we’re thinking he could have possibly been attacked by another animal and then paralyzed as a result," explained Holder.

The SPCA said through donations, Hercules got a wheelchair and staff taught him how to use it.

A local family then adopted Hercules in February, but the family just returned him because they now have medical needs of their own.

The now 10-month-old Hercules is looking for a new forever home.

“He’s a goofball," said Holder. "He is a big body builder type on the top part of his body. He’s super energetic and very, very playful. He seems to really like other dogs, and he’s done really well with kids, too.”

Staff described what the perfect family would be for Hercules.

“Somebody that’s going to be home a lot so they can monitor all his condition, make sure he’s got an ease of access to outside, inside, wherever he needs to be," said Holder. "Somebody with a sense of humor."

If you would like to adopt or foster Hercules, you can apply online by clicking here. 

The adoption fee for Hercules is whatever you can pay.