New Flock Cameras Proving To Be A Big Success For Tulsa Police

New Flock Cameras Proving To Be A Big Success For Tulsa Police

Tulsa Police say the Flock license plate reading cameras that were rolled out this summer have already been a big success.

According to TPD, the cameras have already helped homicide detectives and robbery detectives solve cases.

Authorities were able to use the cameras to identify suspect vehicles, which led them to the suspects.

The city started installing the cameras in late June and so far, police have recovered 28 stolen vehicles, six guns and made more than 20 arrests. Police also say they've recovered more than $400,000 worth of stolen property.

Currently, there are about 25 cameras around the city and more will be installed. The real-time cameras were placed in high-crime areas around the city.

Chief Wendell Franklin says they have about 500 officers trained on the system. Officers can access the camera feed from their laptops.

Franklin says these cameras show how policing is changing.

"We think technology is going to be one of those ways that we can bridge the gap to ensure Tulsa remains a safe city," said Chief Franklin.

The city is on a one-year trial of the cameras and will decide whether or not to keep them next year.