Retired TPS Cafeteria Worker Gets Free Home Repairs By Revitalize T-Town

Retired TPS Cafeteria Worker Gets Free Home Repairs By Revitalize T-Town

A long time Tulsa Public School cafeteria worker is getting a makeover on the home she’s lived in for half a century.

Francis Davis has dedicated her life to taking care of others. On Tuesday, that kindness was paid forward as community members worked together to make some repairs at her home for free.

"Got married and settled here in Tulsa and we bought this house in 1973," Davis said.

Davis said she's worked hard to take care of the home she has lived in for half a century. For 47 of those years, she's worked at Tulsa Public Schools serving thousands of elementary students in the cafeteria.

"Oh, it's been fun, these many years. I can't describe it, I love kids," Davis said.

Ms. Francis said she loves her job but hasn't been able to work the last couple of months because she's been sick.

Her daughter said she has been concerned about her mom's safety, because areas of her home needed repairs. That’s where Revitalize T-Town stepped in to help.

"Ms. Francis is finally able to receive these repairs that will allow her to retire in her home safely and age safely in place. It’s just a huge joy for Revitalize T-Town to be able to give back to someone who's been giving to so many families in Tulsa for years," Coltrane said.

The team replaced Ms. Francis’ front deck so she can come and go safely.

They also added new handrails at her back door and plan to put in new kitchen floors, along with handrails for the bathroom.

It's an act of kindness that on this Giving Tuesday, gives Ms. Francis peace of mind.

"I'm liking it now; I can get in and out. It's good and I want to enjoy my retirement," Davis said.

Along with Ms. Francis, Revitalize T-Town has helped about 100 other homeowners with free home repairs this year.