Catoosa Police Uncover Meth In Breakfast Sandwich During Traffic Violation Stop

Catoosa Police Uncover Meth In Breakfast Sandwich During Traffic Violation Stop

Catoosa Police officers made quite the discovery during a traffic stop. They found a baggie of meth hidden inside a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich.

Officers said they pulled over Mitchell Raper for traffic violations but smelled marijuana in Raper’s car.

Police said K9 Major Melton deserves all the credit. They said while Melton was sniffing around the car, he sniffed right past the smell of egg and cheese and found meth.

Meth in Breakfast SandwichImage Provided By: Catoosa Police

“First time for us where they've actually hidden it in a breakfast sandwich thinking that smell would deter the animal,” said Captain Jennifer Swarer with Catoosa Police.

Police said they had pulled over Mitchell Raper because he didn't stop at a light and was driving with a broken windshield.

Police said the coin purse in the middle of the sandwich was full of meth. They said Raper had more meth hidden in his pocket, a lot of cash, and marijuana in the car.

"Everybody hides their drugs in different places thinking that is going to throw the dog, with the scent from something else, like perfume, putting it in their makeup, things like that, but for it to actually be in a food item, this is a first for us,” said Captain Swarer.

Swarer said Major Melton is a vital tool for the department. She said Melton and his handler, Corporal Noah Lethermon, train constantly and have made several drug busts together in the last couple of months. She said having a K9 helps them get more drugs off the streets and keeps the community safer.

K9 Major MeltonImage Provided By: Catoosa Police

"It is a lot safer for our officers. When the dog alerts, we know there is something, and the officers aren't going in blindly looking for something,” said Swarer.

Records show Raper pled guilty to drug charges in Tulsa County back in February of this year and was given a two-year suspended sentence.