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Listen to 98.5 The Bull for your chance to win some major moolah! Each weekday morning, listen to Tige & Daniel to hear the mystery sound. The first person to guess that sound correctly will win some major cash!

  • • Listen weekday mornings at: 7:10AM, 8:10AM & 9:10AM.
  • • The 9th caller at 918-879-9898 will get a chance to guess the mystery sound.
  • • Guess wrong and more money is added to the jackpot for our next listener to take a shot at winning.
  • • Guess correctly and you’ll win the jackpot of cash!
  • Click here for the Official Contest Rules

Current Sound Guesses


Embroidery machine

Rewinding a cassette tape

Shaking a ketchup packet

Shaking a packet of sweetner

Sprinkler head

Shaking up a water bottle

Weighted scotch tape dispenser

Shuffling papers

Arcade ticket machine

Protein shake shaker

Shaking a water bottle



Wind up toy

Shaking a hot choclate packet

Postage machine

Shaking a salt and pepper shaker

Windex spray

Shaking a shake weight

Shaking a bottle

Spray bottle

Wiping a keyboard

Money counter

Typing on a keyboard

Printer/Sewing machine

Atm machine

Paintball gun

Windex spray bottle

Stirring coffee

Shaking a protein shake

Shaking a box of crackers

Clicking an ink pen

Sticking envelopes in a fan

Scribbling on paper

Sticking envelopes in a fan

A dog scratching

Tape on teels

Lint roller

Playing the spoons

Pencil sharpner



Shaking a box of pasta

Sending a fax

Advancing a paper roll on a calculator

Rotary phone

Raising a window shade

Tapping on a cell phone

Hitting an elevator button

Adjusting an office chair

Making a sound with your tounge

Paddle ball

Clicking sound when answering the phone

Shooting a watergun

Tapping fingernail on desk

Blood pressure machine

Paper towel despensor

Mincing garlic on a cutting board

Plunging a toilet

Flipping a light switch

Turning a door knob

Turning on a gas stove

Hand sanitizer


Stress Ball

Tapping on chic fil a sauce

Spray bottle

Stirring coffee

Pumping lotion

Closing a door

Running on a treadmill

Tapping a microphone

Chewing with their mouth open

Swishing water

Flapping flag

Jingling keys

Rodent drinking

Bouncing a balloon

Mechanical pencil

Smashing noodles

Piston pump

Kitchen Timer

Lip Gloss