The Sound of MOOLAH

The Sound of MOOlah

Listen to 98.5 The Bull for your chance to win some major moolah! Each weekday morning, listen to Tige & Daniel to hear the mystery sound. The first person to box that sound correctly not only will win some major cash, but will also be entered as a grand prize finalist.

The grand prize winner for The Sound of MOOlah will get a Keystone Light Realtree Camo wrapped Coleman UTV worth $10,000!

For another chance to win the Keystone Light Realtree Camo wrapped Coleman UTV stop by any participating Keystone Light retailer to register.


  • • Listen weekday mornings at: 7:10AM, 8:10AM & 9:10AM.
  • • The 9th caller at 918-879-9898 will get a chance to guess the mystery sound.
  • • Guess wrong and more money is added to the jackpot for our next listener to take a shot at winning.
  • • Guess correctly and you’ll win cash, a Keystone Light prize pack and be entered as a grand prize finalist.
  • Click here for the Official Contest Rules
Pneumatic Tube: Incorrect
Copy Machine: Incorrect
Office Chair: CORRECT
Bill Counter: Incorrect
Cash Machine Sound Effect: Incorrect
Velcro Pulling Apart: Incorrect
Someone Eating Chips: Incorrect
Opening A Soda Can: Incorrect
Water Hose: Incorrect
Shuffling Cards: Incorrect
Candy Wrapper: Incorrect
Stapler: Incorrect
Cranking Lawmower: Incorrect
Poker Chips: Incorrect
Old Time Adding Machine: Incorrect
Ice cubes in a glass: Incorrect
Lighting a match: Incorrect
Leggos Dumping Out: Incorrect
Opening a pull tab can: Incorrect
Peeling a Post-It Note: Incorrect
Cereal Dispenser: Incorrect
Key Card activating a door: Incorrect
Adding Machine: Incorrect
A camera flash: Incorrect
Paper Crinkle: Incorrect
Money going into z vanding machine: Incorrect
Opening a yogurt or pudding cup: Incorrect
A tape dispenser: Incorrect
Buckling a seatbelt: Incorrect
Hole puncher: Incorrect
Grocery Cart: Incorrect
Shoveling dirt: Incorrect
Rotary Phone: Incorrect
Opening a Ziploc bag: Incorrect
Tape measure retracting: Incorrect
Opening a pringles can: Incorrect
Opening a bag of chips: Incorrect
Paper Clips falling into a container: Incorrect
Chalk on a chalkboard: Incorrect
Raising/lowering window blinds: Incorrect
Box cutter opening a box: Incorrect
Pulling out a drawer: Incorrect
Scooping dog food: Incorrect
Crinkling tin foil: Incorrect
Uno dealing machine: Incorrect
Throwing something away in a trash can: Incorrect
Packing tape dispenser: Incorrect
Opening an umbrella: CORRECT
Aerosol Can: CORRECT
Impact Wrench: Incorrect
Vacuum: Incorrect
Hammer Drill: Incorrect
Coffee Blending Machine: Incorrect
Blender: Incorrect
Electric can opener: Incorrect
Chainsaw: Incorrect
Paper Shredder: Incorrect
Leaf Blower: Incorrect
Chop Saw: Incorrect
Paper Towel Dispenser: Incorrect
Food Proccesor: Incorrect
Milkshake Machine: Incorrect
Table Saw: Incorrect
Automatic Soap Dispenser: Incorrect
Electric pencil sharpener: CORRECT
A cup of ice being poured into a cup: Incorrect
Someone eating chips: Incorrect
Breaking limb: Incorrect
Shuffling a deck of cards: Incorrect
Crushing aluminum: Incorrect
Removing a water bottle
from a case of water: Incorrect
3 Hole punch: Incorrect
Ice dispenser: Incorrect
Elevator door: Incorrect
Mail being delivered into a mail slot: Incorrect
Soda vending machine: Incorrect
File Cabinet, Printer intake tray: Incorrect
VCR, Bowling Pin Machine,
Copy machine : Incorrect
Trashcan Lid, Garage door,
Garbage disposal: Incorrect
Unlocking a car door: Incorrect
Opening a safe: Incorrect
Opening and closing a microwave: Incorrect
Vending Machine: Incorrect
Paper Cutter: Incorrect
Vegetable Chopper: Incorrect
Sliding Glass Door: Incorrect
Toaster: CORRECT
Timer: Incorrect
Dog Drinking water: CORRECT
Dog Drinking water: CORRECT
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