You ever have one of "those" mornings? You hit snooze one too many times, finally wake to realize you slept in your contacts so your eyes feel like sandpaper, can't find matching socks (thanks a lot, contacts), and were in SUCH a hurry to get ready for work that you just threw on some clothes, sprayed some dry shampoo on your head, slapped on some deodorant and made a bee-line out the door??

NO? Just me?

Here's the thing. This is exactly how my day started. I was in such a rush that my socks don't match and I forgot my breakfast in the fridge. To top it all off, I smell like a man. That's right. In my attempt to get to work on time, I grabbed my man's deodorant. On him, it's perfect. Rugged, manly, powerful but not even SOUNDS like a dude (Krakengard by Old Spice). Problem is, I'm used to smelling like baby powder and feeling like the fresh flower I am. Instead, I feel like a Viking and I smell like the cologne counter at Dillard's. I can barely concentrate on my work because I smell so strongly that I'm wondering...can everyone else in the office smell me, too? Are they whispering in the halls asking one another "why does Amber smell like a dude today?"... probably not, but this ONE decision has thrown my whole day off and all I wanna do is give myself a spit bath in the restroom and hope none of my co-workers walk in on me in action!


Have you ever done something in a hurry you later regretted? Because I can promise you, I will NOT make this mistake again!