Tulsa Police Identify Husband, Wife After Possible Murder-Suicide

Tulsa Police Identify Husband, Wife After Possible Murder-Suicide

Tulsa Police believe financial stress might have contributed to a murder-suicide after a husband and wife were found dead in South Tulsa on Tuesday.

Officers found 47-year-old Greg Griffin and his wife 53-year-old Tina Griffin dead from gunshot wounds around 5:30 p.m. at the Benchmark Condominiums. Police found what they believe is the murder weapon, but they don't know when the murder and suicide happened.

“There was a family member of the suspect and victim who had come into town because they haven't heard from them in two weeks. They came and found the suspect and victim together and it appears to be a murder-suicide," Lt. Brandon Watkins, who leads the Tulsa Police Homicide Unit, said.

Watkins said the State Medical Examiner’s office was working to determine the timeline from the body, while his detectives were tracing other information about when the couple was last seen.

“I know one of the people, their work, they had not shown up for work for a couple of weeks, so it probably was around that time but it's hard for us to say at this time,” said Watkins.

Officers went to the condominium for a “welfare check” recently but got no response at the door, according to Lt Watkins. He said the couple could have been under financial stress, but that was still under investigation and there was not an obvious indication of what led to the deaths.

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