3 Children Killed In Crescent House Fire

3 Children Killed In Crescent House Fire

Neighbors said they tried to do everything they could to save the three children from the burning home. They said it didn't take long for the home to become fully engulfed.

Dylan Murch said his community is in pain following a fatal fire in his neighborhood. He says he could see the flames from his home and immediately called 911.

“The mom was on the ground crying and screaming telling us her kids are in there,” Murch said.

Crescent Fire Department said when they arrived on the scene the home was fully engulfed and moving to another structure. Captain Josh Rollins said despite a complete defensive attack, three children died.

“The parents have been taken to a local church to kind of give them breathing room,” Cpt. Rollins said.

“They seem like a good family. You know the kids are always out in the yard playing and for this to happen puts a big tragic touch on our community because we all try to look out for one another,” Murch said.

Murch said he's lived in Crescent his whole life. He wishes more could be done to save the three young lives taken.

When something like this happens you know it's like what can you do. You know you want to help, but what can you do.

The cause of the fire is unknown. The State Fire Marshal is investigating.

This is a developing story.