Tulsa Police Say Robbery Suspect Died From Injuries Sustained During Foot Chase

Tulsa Police Say Robbery Suspect Died From Injuries Sustained During Foot Chase

Tulsa Police said one robbery suspect is on the run and another died after jumping down a hill while running from officers.

Records show the suspect who died, Ramond Thompson, has been in and out of prison for robbery over the last 20 years, and was just released just four months ago.

Police said a 30 foot jump and a bite from a K-9 led up to the death of the 40-year-old Ramond Thompson, who they were working to arrest

"Right behind that house there's, maybe 10 feet before you get to a bluff that goes straight down. And then it's a pretty steep slope,” Jennifer Waggoner, who lives down the street from the hill, said.

Waggoner said she heard the suspects' car rushing through her neighborhood near Pine and Sheridan Wednesday night, and police were right behind.

She said police made an announcement on a loudspeaker for neighbors to go inside.

"It was scary, very scary. My son and I both were sitting on the porch and that's when I said lets go inside,” Waggoner said.

Police said it all started at the 2-GO Food Mart at Pine and Yale Wednesday night. Officers said Thompson and another man robbed the convenience store, firing at least one round with their gun, and injuring the employee, who will be OK.

Captain Richard Meulenberg said after Thompson jumped off someone's back patio, police and a K-9 tracked him in rough, rocky terrain.

“The K-9 dog bites him, latches on to him, and then officers come in and put him into cuffs. So as they're bringing the suspect out, he's complaining of some shortness of breath but he's still walking, he's still conscious, and they're bringing him out. He does have bleeding a bit from being bitten in the arm by the dog,” Meulenberg said.

Thompson was taken by EMSA to the hospital, where he died. The medical examiner will determine his cause of death, but police said the initial investigation indicates he died from complications of the fall.

The other suspect got away, and police did not release his description, but said they have leads on who he is.

Police said they do have body camera video from last night.