Sand Springs Fundraisers Aim to Help Families of Deadly Crash Victims

Sand Springs Fundraisers Aim to Help Families of Deadly Crash Victims

People in Sand Springs are showing kindness to the families of five teenagers involved in a crash last week.

Three teenagers died and two others were hospitalized and now people are hosting fundraisers to help the victims' families. The entire town has been touched by this tragedy and two big events Saturday will be a huge help for the five grieving families.

Philip Schrepel likes everything in order, down to the details. Day in and day out, he’s detailing vehicles for people all over Sand Springs. Now he's nailing down details for a fundraiser to help some hurting families. 

“Hearing this, it was like way too close to home," Schrepel said. "I just can't fathom what the families are going through.”

Ethan Gibson, Kylee Weaver, and Cyra Saner were killed in a car crash last week while they were on their lunch break with friends. Two others were hurt. A memorial is getting bigger near Sand Springs Lake where the crash happened and offers a glimpse into how deeply the teenagers were loved. Schrepel decided to make a post on social media last Saturday to organize a car wash benefit.

“By Sunday evening, somebody had poured gasoline on it, it just took off.”

Walmart’s handling the food, AutoZone donated supplies, local churches donated grills, and motorcycle groups and cheerleaders will be out all day to help, to name just a few.

Skates will be opening its rink Saturday night and giving some of the proceeds to families as well. 

“As a whole, the community has been hurting it's different driving through town it's a lot quieter," said Steven Halter. 

He said people in this town always show up to support each other through tough times. 

“It’s touching, it's humbling, it's like we still do live in a great community," said Halter. 

“Just know we love you," said Schrepel. "Even if we don't know you, we can show compassion and help support in a time of need.”

The Diamond detail car wash and fundraiser starts Saturday morning at 9 a.m. and goes on most of the day.

Skates will give 50 percent of entrance fees Saturday night from 7 to 10 to the 5 crash victims' families.