Pittsburg County Emergency Management Prepared For Winter Weather

Pittsburg County Emergency Management Prepared For Winter Weather

McAlester is seeing some snow as the winter weather moves through Green Country.

The Pittsburg County Emergency Management Director said they've been watching the radar closely the past couple of days and are prepared for what could happen.

Director Kevin Enloe said they waited to put out the salt and sand because the rain would have washed it away.

Crews are starting to plow snow and treat the roads and they'll be working through the night.

He said they're working hard and ready for whatever happens.

“All eyes have been our county before, and we’ve had that fizzle effect, and everybody shows up to the party, and then it fizzled out and that’s okay. We will take fizzle all day long, but it’s going to be what it’s going to be, there’s nothing where we’re going to be able to change mother natures mind, but we’re ready," Enloe said.

He said he knows some people do have to get out in the snow and if you do have to travel, use caution and take it slow.

He said if you see a city or county truck working and plowing snow, give them plenty of room.