Surveillance Video Shows SUV Get Stuck, Dragged By Semi Down I-44

Surveillance Video Shows SUV Get Stuck, Dragged By Semi Down I-44

A driver has minor injuries after getting their SUV stuck on a semi and dragged while driving on I-44. Nearby surveillance cameras recorded the entire incident.

Video surveillance from Campbell Nissan showed a strange sight on the highway; an SUV lodged underneath a semi driving down I-44 near 21st Street.

Travis Hogan was getting an oil change when he saw the aftermath of the wreck.

"I look over and there's a car upside down and a semi-truck that was pulled over and the ambulance," said Hogan.

Hogan and others went to check out the surveillance cameras to see what happened.

"Sure enough this car is getting drug down the highway and we're like, 'that's the strangest thing ever,'" said Hogan.

OHP said the SUV driver was changing lanes when he hit a semi, flipped upside down, then got lodged underneath a different semi that dragged the SUV down the highway.

"Didn't hear anything, didn't see anything, then all of a sudden this car is upside down and anyway, after looking at the footage you literally see this car drug a couple hundred feet," recalled Hogan.

The driver walked away with minor injuries, and received a ticket for unsafe lane change.

Larry Barbee said it's amazing no one was seriously injured.

"I guess the big guy upstairs was watching somebody that day," said Barbee.