74-Year-Old Bristow Public Schools Employee Arrested, Accused Of Filming In Locker Room

74-Year-Old Bristow Public Schools Employee Arrested, Accused Of Filming In Locker Room

Bristow Police arrested a Bristow Public Schools employee accused of videotaping boys with his cell phone in the school locker rooms while they were undressing.

Bristow Police arrested 74-year-old Floyd Robinson, who is charged with using electronics for Peeping Tom, having juvenile pornography, and violating the state's Computer Crimes Act.

A Probable Cause Affidavit says a dozen students filled out statements saying they saw Robinson hold his phone by his hip and the phone faced the students while they were taking their clothes off or already undressed.

State Superintendent Ryan Walters released the following statement to News On 6 on Thursday:

Sexual predators have no place in Oklahoma schools, and nothing is more important than the safety of our students. This case highlights why OSDE is changing its rules to get more information on these cases more quickly so we can revoke the predator’s teaching certificate and ensure our students are protected. I will never tire of ensuring these people are never in an Oklahoma school again.

Police say several students were able to see the red button on his phone that showed it was recording.

Officers say Robinson told them he had not recorded anyone in the locker room intentionally, and that he often forgets his phone is recording and makes videos he didn't intend.

The affidavit says an analysis of the phone showed a 2:30 video that had been deleted, that started recording when Robinson went into the locker room and stopped when he left.

Some people in Bristow are shocked at how something like this could happen to someone who's worked at the school for decades.

“I would like to find out how this progressed and what all they find," said Michelle Morquecho. "I’m curious if they’re going to look even deeper because he’s been a wrestling coach since I was in high school and I graduated in [19]88.”

Others are now worried about how long this has been happening.

“It’s on the back of every parent’s mind whether it’s a boy or a girl," said Justice Greene. "They are constantly thinking about something happening to their child. You should think school is one of the safest places but I feel like predators are a very, very common thing lately.”

The school says when the boys came forward, they immediately contacted police, suspended Robinson, and banned him from all school functions and sports.

News On 6 called and emailed Robinson and went by his house, but did not get a response.

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