'It's Happened A Few Times': Glass Bottle Busts Window Of Ike's Chili In Tulsa

'It's Happened A Few Times': Glass Bottle Busts Window Of Ike's Chili In Tulsa

A Tulsa Restaurant owner is frustrated after he says someone threw a glass bottle through the front of the business.

Ike’s Chili has been in business for more than 115 years and says it’s not the first time someone has broken one of its windows.

The owner says he doesn’t think this will be the last time either.

Ike’s Chili says it’s an unexpected expense and the tab is picked up by its customers through pricing.

“Yeah, it's happened a few times. I don't know. You got to look at what's going on in the world to understand what's going on even here,” Ike’s Chili’s managing partner, Lin Wade said.

He says it’s one of the last things any owner wants to walk into their business and find.

But this week, he found the front window of Ike’s Chili along Route 66 in Tulsa shattered. On Wednesday, plywood is in its place.

“Just earlier this month we celebrated 10 years. There's been a lot happening to us here since we've been here, but in our old location over on Admiral we had some of the same stuff. Doesn't matter what part of the city you go to,” Wade said.

Wade says that problem is going to set the business back about $1,000 and, right now, the unexpected expense is making things even tougher for a business in an already tough economy.

“The cost of everything is outrageous and it really shrinks your margins down and to a degree you pass that on to your customer, but at some point, the customer is going to say 'That's too much. I can't afford that' and that's what a lot of us are seeing right now,” Wade said.